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Cheesy garlic eggs

simple and amazing!

Cheesy garlic eggs ..

For my #brunch

As you know .. thanks to my mums pampered chickens , I have always got the most gorgeous free range eggs in ..

(Thankyou mum ! 😘)

And always looking for egg recipes I haven’t tried yet ..

Well , I saw this the other day on someone’s grid ( I’m really sorry but I forgot who ! .. but Thankyou so much for sharing!.. you made it look & sound so tasty I just had to try !

I’d never tried popping up my eggs before like it , so I gave it a go !..

I just scrambled 3 eggs & added some salt, pepper, garlic granuals and then once nearly cooked through.. added 25g of grated @eatlean cheese until melted ! Served with a tomato!!..

So simple & so very tasty !

And only 204 calories & 0.9g carbs !!!

Have you got any amazing egg recipes!?..

I’d love to know !..

I’m thinking of doing an “egg” section on my guides and would love some ideas !!!

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