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Stuffed crust Airfryer pizza wraps

These had so many views ( my first to hit nearly 2 million !!! ) I thought I'd share here too !!

Air fryer stuffed crust “pizza wraps”

It was a #fridgeforage meal today !

As you know I hate waste of any kind & love to save the pennies!

These are AMAZING!.. and really quick to do !

I made these using low-carb tortilla wraps with low-calorie cheese, so they are low-carb and low calorie !

I used @skinnyfoodco high protein wraps which gives you

123 calories

4g carbs

9g protein -per wrap .. then you just have to calorie count the fillings ontop !

I used some tomato purée for the base & some @eatlean cheese spread & slices in the “crusts”

The fillings I used where my leftovers in my fridge , consisting of @eatlean cheese , lean ham , tomato & chicken .. each “whole” pizza wrap was 230 ish calories!

And they where Blimmin lovely !

How to -

Place wrap on flat surface, spread a tablespoon of tomato purée all over, then on the four edges spread a Little light cream cheese, and a slice of cheese, fold it over into like a tube and put a cocktail stick into it and through it to secure.

Repeat until you have all four sides done .

Then fill the pizza with your feelings of choice and cook in the air fryer for about five minutes, but do check you want it. Nice and toasty crispy bubbly Brown.

Once pizzas out of the air fryer, take out the cocktail sticks, carefully .. then cut and munch!

Very very tasty !

Used all my leftovers up in the fridge and made a low calorie & carb dinner too !

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