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Low carb pasta

Low carb Garlic& herb tagliatelle

Well I need to get back to my routine and I’ve also missed sharing my healthy recipes..

AND …. was time to do my first fridge foraging recipe of 2023 !!! ( you know how much I love to save waste and money! - and keep it healthy to fit in with my plan !

And it was lush !

I got 2 big portions out of it and each portion was only 114 calories- absolutely AMAZING !!!

This is what I had left in my fridge to use


100g mush -22 calories

50g courgette -9 calories

1/2small leek -27 calories

4x slices ham -80 calories

20g @boursinuk - 82 calories

1x packet @skinnyfoodco konjac tagliatelle - 8 calories

Salt & pepper to taste


Splash milk ( very small amount just to loosen the cheese for a sauce)

228 for the whole lot !!!!!!

I got 2 big portions out of it so the plate you see is only 114 calories!!!!

So as you see I fried up the mushrooms, courgette, leek and ham until cooked .. then rinsed and added the @skinnyfoodco tagliatelle and added the @boursinuk with a dash of milk to loosen and make the sauce .. then seasoned to taste !

A gorgeous meal saving the pennies and being healthy too ! #perfect 👌

I’ll save it with all my other recipes in my highlights at the top of the page ! Don’t forget to follow and save on my insta if you want to see them


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