Kates losing it !

learning to love clothes again
learning to love clothes again

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finding my way to the new me
finding my way to the new me

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The Full Story

Welcome to Kates losing it !, My very own Weightloss Blog !... yes me !?... with a Blog... who would of thought that.
Here’s a little bit about myself ! 

I’m 44 years old and I’m 5ft 9” tall. 

My weight loss journey with Exante started in May 2019, where my starting weight was 22st 6.5lb.

At this present time I currently weigh 12st 5lbs as of 11/11/2020.

I achieved the milestone of losing 100lb in just over 7.5 months which is an achievement I am very pleased and proud of.

I’ve also recently won the Exante spring slimmer of the season (Spring 2020), which I’m very excited about! - Photos to follow soon !!! 

I'm also exited to announce that just recently I achieved my initial target goal of losing 9 stone which I felt would be very hard to achieve. Words just cannot describe how happy I really am to have made the target goal and have also managed to now fit into size 12 clothes.

I have now set my final goal to achieve a total loss of 10 stone, so my target weight I have set at 12st 6.5lb although im not too far away now from reaching my target, this last stone is proving to be rather a challenge. 

My journey was also recently in the daily mail from an Exante advert, and

right now I’m feeling so fantastic about myself and my achievements I am happy to show my journey to the public that this diet truly works, and although I now only have a short journey to go, with the Exante plan I’m positive I will reach my final goal.

After a terrible accident, I had slowly started to put on the weight, I had been diagnosed with PTSD along with problems with my back.

Originally I thought I was coping in general and that I was ok, but I didn’t realise how much made an impact on me in terms of significant weight gain. 

Since starting to lose weight with Exante, I’m now starting to find myself again, day to day I’m getting more confident, much happier which has given me a new lease of life.

During my journey my aches and pains have had a significant reduction, I’m not having to take pain tablets for my back every 4 hours !!! So feeling more alive day by day which now at 44, in my opinion is better late than never !! Lol 

I really can’t recommend Exante enough! It has seriously changed my life, in more ways than one !!
So this page is to keep myself on track, and in the zone ... I have the determination to eventually achieve my target weight and then maintain!!! ..... and hopefully who knows, maybe we can all motivate each other ! 

I have an Instagram that you can follow alongside too , where I update and do my IGTV videos and answer any questions I can to help and also look out for my YouTube channel soon !! 

Instagram link is at the top of page ! 

Remember we all got this !!!

Kate xx 


As long as you keep trying ,you are winning everyday

You never fail unless you give up !...


3 ingredient “Nicecream”

Low calorie 3 ingredient Tropical “Nicecream”… Less than 200 calories a bowl! xx 🌴🍌🌴🍌🌴🍌🌴🍌🌴🍌🌴🍌🌴🍌🌴 Bananas for my #brunch calories today , in the shape of a gorgeous cold bowl of #nicecream 🥰 It’s the weather for it , and I’m making the most of the sunshine ☀️ It was absolutely lush ! In my blender, I mixed a large frozen banana , 100g @fage_uk total yogurt a splash of @alpro milk ( add just a little as you can always add more if needed ) and an @exantediet t

Summer rollups

I’m glad I tried these ! Summer rollups !🍤 .. It was these in the end tonight as I had bits to use ! These are gorgeous, i had bits to use up again in my fridge I had some prawns, peppers & asparagus , i added some soy & salt pepper seasoning some 5 spice & sesame seeds, cooked it all in the pan together , then used the rice paper that i’d got (you Just soak the “paper in a little water on a plate for a few seconds both sides ) & wrap away ! 🤤So good & it used what i had

Strawberry Icecream

Healthy too ! Strawberry Icecream with only 3 ingredients!. oh yes please! I was freezer surfing ( using up any u.f.o's i had in there .- unidentified frozen objects!) 😂… Do you do that ?.. it can be fun !!! 😂 I found 100g frozen strawberries!.. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 Ding ding .. winner ! So I blended them with 200g @fage_uk 0% yogurt and some @exantediet vanilla flavour drops to sweeten ,so this whole bowl of yum was only 168 calories! Hope everyone is doing ok ? I’m still having

My Instagram has lots of videos & guides and helpful tips on it !

Thought I’d share !! Thought I’d share my link to my Instagram, as it’s something I do a lot of lives on and have tips and videos too … ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://instagram.com/kates.losing.it Love to see you there too !!! ❤️ #healthyrecipes #lowcarb #countingcalories #pizza #ketorecipes #keto #losingit4summer #fakeaway #slimmingworldmeals #slimmingworld #slimmingworldfollowers #hatewaste #healthymeals #foodfreedom #healthyfoodshare #calorietracking #caloriedeficit #exantediet

Cauliflower “pizza steaks”

Definitely worth a try !! Cauliflower “pizza Steaks” I’m a bit AWOL at the moment on here , as I’m having a few days holiday but I thought I’d check in & As it’s Friday I thought I’d share this …. I cooked a few things with the leftovers in my fridge , to save waste & pennies the other day … And this was one of them … I used … 1x head cauliflower , cut into 1/2-inch steaks ( I got 2 & saved the rest for a roasted cauliflower soup which I’ll show later … ) Drizzle of olive oi

Egg, ham and a mushroom “bun”

This is lush Egg, ham & spinach in a "mushroom bun"... My low calorie meal tonight… This was so good! I took the stalks out of 2 large mushrooms( 80g) and cooked them on both sides, then cooked the stalks with some spinach, and cut 2 bits of lean ham (40 calories) into the shape of my "bun" … then cooked an egg.. I layered it up and munched ! Low calorie, low carb & protein rich ! #slimmingworldfood #slimmingworld #eggs #mushrooms #losingit4summer #ketorecipes #exanteweightlo

Healthy chocolate banana bread

Low calorie and no added sugar ! 🍌 Healthy Banana bread 🍌 As you know I hate to waste anything and I had some banana’s to use up .. So i made a no added sugar chocolate banana bread the other day for the Hubster & I to have .. It saves pennies and waste & it’s perfect to freeze to get out a slice when you like ! Low calorie and low sugar made with almond flour .. 3 very ripe medium bananas , mashed (1 ¼ cups ) 4 eggs ¼ cup pure agave nectar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 ½ c

Kiwi & banana Icecream

Just 2 ingredients! Kiwi Icecream… Just 2 ingredients!!!! You know I hate waste and I’m always trying to use up the things I have in before I shop again .. Well I just had this for my #brunch today .. Kiwi & banana smooth creamy “Nicecream “… So if you have bananas and fruit you have to use up , why not try this ! ……. I did mine with kiwi , but you can use whatever you have ! Cut the bananas in pieces & put them in a freezer bag to freeze them overnight Put the frozen banana

Quick strawberry & cream mousse

This is gorgeous ! 🍓Quick strawberry mousse 🍓 Last night in my live , I promised I’d share this one as it’s something to keep in fridge for “those” times in need ! This is another recipe using up what I have in the fridge .#fridgeforaging As sometimes I have Greek yogurt to use up before it’s wasted ! This is so quick to do , no added sugar and very low in calories. Full of protein too ! You mix 1x sachet of sugar free jelly with 200ml boiling water then add 250 g 0% Greek

Burger “bowl”

So good ! Big Mac salad “bowl” It was Burgers for a late lunch / early tea in our house today & I wanted to join in but stay on- plan ! So I made this ! Why oh why , didn’t I make this before!?!? So tasty & quick to do ! All you need is .. 5% @asda beef mince Iceberg lettuce Onion Gherkin Slice light sliced cheese @fakeawayfoodco burger sauce I fried up some 5% lean beef mince with some burger seasoning I got from @asda and put it to one side .. Chopped some iceberg lettuce

Fridge Frittata

Love doing these ! It was FRIDGE FRITTATA making TIME ! I said I’d share some 200 calorie meal s I’m eating And it’s a nice easy one to do , & so tasty! It’s a fridge frittata as it’s made with what I need to use up in my fridge! As you know I absolutely HATE waste ! And these days it’s good to save a few pennies too ! It’s always at least once a week I make frittatas I love having these , in the fridge for a nibble for exercise days or part of a 200 calorie meal … And In my

Red pesto eggs

A great 200 calorie meal ! RED PESTO EGGS As I love to have eggs on a Sunday morning after a workout ❤️ Low calorie & carb ! I know I’m late to the game on pesto eggs ( I’m always late, lol ! 😂) But I must say … This was a Blimmin tasty 200 calorie meal ! .. and so very filling ! All that’s used is … 2 x Tsp red pesto 2 x eggs 1 x @lodough.co base 10g @eatlean cheese 3 x cherry tomatoes Few leaves spinach .. And that’s it !! And I really can’t explain how good this was ! In

Coffee “Nicecream”

Ooh it’s a good one ! Coffee “Nicecream”….. (Because coffee makes everything better!) AND COFFEE & ICECREAM together!?!?.. Well it’s lush !!! 🍌🤤☕️🍌🤤☕️🍌🤤☕️🍌🤤☕️ And it’s Using only 3 ingredients! People have been asking the kind of things I’ll have after a workout or things I’ll use my 200 calories on … Well this morning… It was this ! 1x frozen banana - 100 calories 25g carbs 1x @exantediet cold brew burst -11 calories ( but you can use whatever flavouring you choose )

Light “Mac”

It’s lush & on plan !! Well.. “A Lighter Mac “ As it’s Friday!! And I felt like a Burger .. I made a low calorie & carb one ! And it was lush … I used … 100g @aldiuk 5% lean beef mince - 133 calories 1x @lodough.co base - 38 Kcals 2.2g carbs 1x slice light cheese slice 1x gherkin-11 calories 3g carb Bit lettuce Squirt of @fakeawayfoodco burger sauce So As you can see , my 200 calorie meal was lovely! I have the video recipe of me doing it on my Instagram if you want to see. !

Mushroom breakfast wrap

So tasty !! Mushroom breakfast wrap …. Hello ! …. Hope your all good ? I thought I’d share as This was AMAZING!!.. And a perfect #sunday brunch for me! I’ve done the spinach wrap before, and I loved it as a way of lowering the calories & carbs .. -recipe for that is in my grid ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ But today I made a wrap with mushrooms!…. It was really good !.. I had lots of mushrooms to use up ( and you know I hate waste) so I have it a try ! I whizzed up 2 small eggs and 100g mushroom

Low carb bread recipe..

I mad e some again for this week & thought I’d share again incase you haven’t seen .. As I was making lots of things with eggs yesterday to make sure none of them went to waste , I made my gorgeous #keto bread loaf I like to do I’ve done a few videos on how to make these ( in my reels) But here is just a picture and a simple recipe.. 12 medium egg whites & 6x egg yolks ) 540 calories & 6g carbs) 50g @myprotein egg white powder (168 calories @ 2.6 g carbs ) THATS IT !!!!.....

Cheesy garlic eggs

simple and amazing! Cheesy garlic eggs .. For my #brunch … As you know .. thanks to my mums pampered chickens , I have always got the most gorgeous free range eggs in .. (Thankyou mum ! 😘) And always looking for egg recipes I haven’t tried yet .. Well , I saw this the other day on someone’s grid ( I’m really sorry but I forgot who ! .. but Thankyou so much for sharing!.. you made it look & sound so tasty I just had to try ! I’d never tried popping up my eggs before like it ,

Keto style peanut butter, banana & chocolate brownies

A loaded brownie made with healthier options.. Healthier Keto style Peanut butter & Banana , chocolate brownies .. I thought I’d show these as my kitchen is out of action whilst having a makeover… I made these at the weekend… I always like to have a healthier version of something I love in on a weekend.. So I made these … 🤤❤️ Mix together:- 15g coconut sugar (60 calories & 12g carbs) ( you can use sweetener of choice but I had coconut sugar to use up !.. ) 12g @pb.and.me cho

Lazy day Turkey Bolognese

This is a great one for turning leftovers into other meals too !.. it’s one of my go-toos ! 🍅 Lazy day Turkey Bolognese 🍅 Ive made this today .. so I could just serve it up when I want it , as I’m having a #lazysunday I normally add mushrooms and sometimes ham aswell, but it’s fridge clearing day and I’m out of both ( when I got there the cupboard was bare !) ….. Just as tasty tho as I added red wine 🍷 🤤😘 500g @sainsburys lean turkey breast mince (550 calories & 1.5g car

A little update…

Thought I’d say a quick hello! A little update as I’ve been AWOL … ( I’m sorry 💕.. , but I’m emotionaly drained at the moment, dealing with a difficult time in life , but I promise I’ll be back soon tho xx ) But , I’ve been messaged a lot over some recipes and tips , advice and info .. And as I haven’t had time to share on here yet xx I thought I’d Just a little link that will help , if you have Instagram.. ( as it’s all on there … recipes, videos , tips..) I’ve recently up

Mmmmmm This for Me today ..jpe

Kates losing it !

Why I set this Blog up...

I decided to set this blog up to try and share helpful information about my journey to other folk who are starting out on their weight loss.

I was getting a lot of messages asking about different things, so I thought id try and help put as much information as I could in one place.

The blog will probably evolve along the way as this is a work in progress as am I!

Hopefully I will post some stuff that may help someone on their journey too.

Join up if you want to catch the latest blogs .

Good luck, we have got this!

Kate xxxx

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Thanks for your interest in Kates losing it !. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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