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Cheesecake pots

So tasty !

Cheesecake pots

It was 2 lighter strawberry cheesecake pots , I made for me & the Hubster last night

It was quick & easy to do and tasted AMAZING!

For 2 portions…

I crushed up 2x @gullongalletas sugar free biscuits and put them in the bottom of 2 glasses . (2 for each pot ) - 100 calories

Then I mixed a @exantediet strawberry shake , and a couple of @exantediet strawberry flavour drops with 100g of @fage_uk 0% yogurt and split between the 2 pots and used the @exantediet raspberry syrup in layers when I put the “cheesecake “ mix in .. I topped with a pinch of the leftover sf biscuit crumbs 😬


Just over 250 calories a pot and still on plan ✅ ( you could use less biscuit base or yogurt to bring them down in calories if you wish ! But I found these perfect 👌


Don’t forget I’ve got All my other recipes I’ve used on the way in my highlights and guides at the top of my page !

There is a whole section on cheesecakes too !!!

Happy Saturday 😬

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