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Protein chocolate!?

Well kinda ...

Protein Chocolate Bar !?!?!

( well, it looks it ! ….)

As you eat with your eyes … by all accounts this looks like one .. Enough to trick your mind anyway!

And .. it tastes Blimmin lovely too !

And as I’m on my 7 days of shakes .. I though I’d do it !

So it’s NOT technically “chocolate” as it’s a frozen “treat” ..

But it’s chocolatey and it really is good !

And it’s made with an @exantediet chocolatey protein powder shake 🫨…

This is what I used to make it …

100g of @fage_uk 0% greek yogurt - 54 calories

1/2 pack of @exantediet chocolate protein shake (25g) -100 calories

10 grams of cocoa powder -23 calories

1 serving of gelatine mix (5 grams)

10g powdered ( optional but I wanted a Reece’s tasting one !) -36 calories

1/2 crushed rice cake - 15 calories

Mix all ingredients, apart from the rice cake altogether in a blender & Pour into chocolate mould then crumble rice cake ontop of mix

Then just freeze for a couple hours !

It tricks your mind and convinces your taste buds !

And it really is Yummy !

Im about to have some , whilst binge watching a series I’ve just started watching on @netflixuk

228 calories well spent !

And still on course with my 7 days of shakes !..

How is everyone?

#💯dayslosingit #proteinshake

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