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A protein popsicle

Really worth a go ! .. And you can use any bar u like !

A protein popsicle !

I have been seeing these all over the Internet and I just had to try!

A quick & clever idea to make a a protein Icecream .

I made mine with my @exantediet strawberry jam, protein bar .

It’s a genius way to make a quick ice cream popsicle .

Its actually really clever & I’m so glad it worked as it’s really tasty.

I’m definitely going try with lots of different bars now !

All I did was …

I opened my Exante strawberry jam bar very carefully ,so you don’t make any holes in the packet ( this is because you need a packet to make the popsicle !)

I got my bar out and I was blitzed it in a blender with some nut milk, (you can use any milk of choice, that suits you ) but I used about 50ml of @alpro

Remember, you don’t need too much because when you mix altogether it’ll create volume and you need it to go back into the packet .

So.. i whizzed my bar up in the blender with the milk and then you put it back into the packet.

I held my package in place & upright by using a small glass in the freezer .

I Put my lolly stick in the top and left it to freeze for a couple of hours .

Once frozen you just pull the @exantediet wrapper off and you’ve got the perfect popsicle !

Really , really tasty & really quick !

I’ll definitely be doing this with lots of different bars !

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