Kates losing it !

finding my way to the new me
finding my way to the new me

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changing shape
changing shape

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learning to love clothes again
learning to love clothes again

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finding my way to the new me
finding my way to the new me

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The Full Story

Welcome to Kates losing it !, My very own Weightloss Blog !... yes me !?... with a Blog... who would of thought that.
Here’s a little bit about myself ! 

I’m 44 years old and I’m 5ft 9” tall. 

My weight loss journey with Exante started in May 2019, where my starting weight was 22st 6.5lb.

At this present time I currently weigh 12st 5lbs as of 11/11/2020.

I achieved the milestone of losing 100lb in just over 7.5 months which is an achievement I am very pleased and proud of.

I’ve also recently won the Exante spring slimmer of the season (Spring 2020), which I’m very excited about! - Photos to follow soon !!! 

I'm also exited to announce that just recently I achieved my initial target goal of losing 9 stone which I felt would be very hard to achieve. Words just cannot describe how happy I really am to have made the target goal and have also managed to now fit into size 12 clothes.

I have now set my final goal to achieve a total loss of 10 stone, so my target weight I have set at 12st 6.5lb although im not too far away now from reaching my target, this last stone is proving to be rather a challenge. 

My journey was also recently in the daily mail from an Exante advert, and

right now I’m feeling so fantastic about myself and my achievements I am happy to show my journey to the public that this diet truly works, and although I now only have a short journey to go, with the Exante plan I’m positive I will reach my final goal.

After a terrible accident, I had slowly started to put on the weight, I had been diagnosed with PTSD along with problems with my back.

Originally I thought I was coping in general and that I was ok, but I didn’t realise how much made an impact on me in terms of significant weight gain. 

Since starting to lose weight with Exante, I’m now starting to find myself again, day to day I’m getting more confident, much happier which has given me a new lease of life.

During my journey my aches and pains have had a significant reduction, I’m not having to take pain tablets for my back every 4 hours !!! So feeling more alive day by day which now at 44, in my opinion is better late than never !! Lol 

I really can’t recommend Exante enough! It has seriously changed my life, in more ways than one !!
So this page is to keep myself on track, and in the zone ... I have the determination to eventually achieve my target weight and then maintain!!! ..... and hopefully who knows, maybe we can all motivate each other ! 

I have an Instagram that you can follow alongside too , where I update and do my IGTV videos and answer any questions I can to help and also look out for my YouTube channel soon !! 

Instagram link is at the top of page ! 

Remember we all got this !!!

Kate xx 


As long as you keep trying ,you are winning everyday

You never fail unless you give up !...


The 4 week box from Exante

Thought I’d share a peak at what you get .. I thought I’d share a sneak peak into what you get in the 4 week box from diet .. 👀👀👀👀 Its the first thing i ever ordered from exante and it can be a really good desl … So , Have a look inside The 4 week box from @exantediet .. I thought I’d give a little sneak peak of the contents you can expect in a @exantediet 4 week box, as it may be of help .. It has 84 meal replacements inside and a shaker with a water enhancer too ! Mixt

My lives I do …

I have been doing some lives over on Instagram ( every Wednesday at the moment) so if you wanted to catch up with them , or join in the next … here is the link to the guides … there are also lots of other videos & recipes on there too ! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://www.instagram.com/kates.losing.it/guide/my-lives/17961868285547707/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= #exantediet #exanteblogger #healthylifestyle #weightlossmotivation #slimmingworld #one2onediet #weightloss #weightlosscommunity #weightl

Come on over to Tiktok

I’m an oldy trying to navigate the TikTok arena ! hehe … as you know I’m not great at technology, but it’s never to late to try !! So if your on there then come say hi !!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLv3shdw/ #exantediet #exanteblogger #healthylifestyle #weightlossmotivation #slimmingworld #one2onediet #weightloss #weightlosscommunity #weightlosstransformation #losingweight #loveyourself healthyifestyle #myjourneytofit #beforeandafter #progressnotperfection #extre

I’d love it if came and have a follow on my YouTube!

I have a YouTube channel aswell as, I did a lot of videos on there when I first started my journey… if you wanted to see then here is a link … im going to be trying to update soon as I can get longer videos on there ❤️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://youtube.com/channel/UCrSMA9nuO0uFKV9rXIsaUPQ #exantediet #exanteblogger #healthylifestyle #weightlossmotivation #slimmingworld #one2onediet #weightloss #weightlosscommunity #weightlosstransformation #losingweight #loveyourself #myjourneytofit #be

Extra discount at the exante checkout!

Here is my code for those that would like to use .. As you know I have a discount code that can be used at the till at the exante diet checkout…😊 And it now gives you the best discount yet as it can be used in conjunction with any over automatically applied on the website.. so it means you will get the best money saving yet by adding my code .. just enter KATESLOSINGIT at the checkout to save £££££££ here is the link if you ever want to use … ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ http://www.awin1.co

Come on over to Instagram!

Everyone is welcome! If you have Instagram, I do lives on there every Wednesday & I have a 12 week challenge going on aswell ! hey there … if you do have Instagram, then come on over and join in the lives & the 12 week challenge we are on ! #losingit4summer no pressure, or doing things you don’t want to do .. it’s just a 12 week challenge I’ve put myself on , just to try everyday to be the best I can .. And the more on it the merrier! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://instagram.com/kates.

Hot cross bun cheesecake

Thought I’d share this !! Hot cross bun Protein cheesecake for Easter ! This recipe is to share Or have some and save the rest for later ! I got 4 perfect portions .. So if you want to make for one .. just adjust recipe accordingly…. I made it using half packet @exantediet cinnamon swirl shake , @4x @weetabixofficial & 200g @fage_uk , I also used an limited edition hot cross bun bar from @exantediet that I had to use up , but you could use 200calories worth of raisins and oat

Apple pie overnight oats

So quick ! Apple pie overnight shake oats .. (Or whatever flavour you like oats !… ) Spring has sprung … And I’m feeling my mojo coming back to life !.. How about you ? I’m on a mission to get moving more this week !.. So I prepared this yesterday.. to take out today for my #brunch !.. These are so quick to do that you can just grab them out of the fridge when you want them ! So I make these at night before I go to bed … I Just used 2 scoops @exantediet apple oat mix with 150

Overnight Weetabix cheesecake pot

Layers and layers .. Triple chocolate layered Protein cheesecake All the flavours … none of the guilt ! I love the @weetabixofficial cheesecake so much , I did a triple layered one ! …using @skinnyfoodco @weetabixofficial & @fage_uk 150g fage - 79 calories & 4.5g carbs 3x Tsp @skinnyfoodco chocoholic spread ( one Tsp of each flavour I had ) 75 ish calories 2 x Weetabix 136 calories & 26g carbs 80ml @alpro no added sugar almond milk 14 calories & 0.4g carbs Crush the Weetabix

Strawberry cheesecake overnight oats

It was really good x Protein cheesecake overnight oats …using @exantediet & @fage_uk Well, it is #valentines day so it’s pink ! I used @exantediet oat mix and a strawberry shake .. This is for one portion… So adjust accordingly… 150 g fage - 76 calories & 4.5g carbs 1/2 pack exante shake (what flavour you like) 100 calories & 8g carbs (depending) 20g strawberries 7 calories & 1.5 g carbs 1x scoop @exantediet oat mix 100 calories & 11g carbs 100 ml water So each portion is … 2

Icecream.. yes please !

If I want it .. this is my favourite When I feel like some Icecream, I have it ! .. I was supposed to have this at the Weekend, but as we had the 2 storms up here .. My power went off & I only got it back on yesterday, so I had to wait so I could use the freezer!… 🍦🍓🍦🍓🍦🍓🍦🍓🍦🍓 BUT… @exantediet soft scoop Icecream is absolutely lush .. I love making a lot of the shake flavours up as Icecream or smoothiebowls , but my favourite Is the @exantediet strawberry!!.. So crea

Protein cheesecakes

Made with exante shake , Greek yogurt & Weetabix Protein cheesecakes ! …using @exantediet , @weetabixofficial & @fage_uk Well, I’d seen the hacks , so Thankyou for sharing them all !.. .. so , you know , I just had to try for myself myself , to see how good they were !!!… And OMG!.. it’s a Genius idea !!! And on plan !… I made a strawberry one for me .. And a cookies & cream to share ( maybe ! 🤪🤣) This is for one portion… So adjust accordingly… 100g fage - 54 calories & 3g

A new plant based juiced flavour has landed at Exantediet

And my discount code works xx Oooohhhh !!.. @exante has just launched new Plant based juiced drinks What juiced is …. It’s a fruity & juicy plant-based meal replacement shake with clear soya protein. High in protein and fibre, low in sugar. Made with prebiotics and real fruit! New plant based flavours are …. Pineapple flavour! Blood orange flavour! Ad | My discount code KATE35 will provide a massive 35% off this new product, from today & off of most things site wide ! Ju

Smoothie time !!!

With the new plant based exa juiced … Oooohhhh !!.. exante has just launched a couple of new Plant based juiced drinks 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 What juiced is …. It’s a fruity & juicy plant-based meal replacement shake with clear soya protein. High in protein and fibre, low in sugar. Made with prebiotics and real fruit! New plant based flavours are in …. Pineapple flavour! 🍍🍍🍍🍍 AND….. Blood orange flavour! 🍊🍊🍊 I got the pineapple one as I LOVE anything pine - appley !!! 🤪 S

Right … the line is drawn !

Getting back in the zone !.. Determined to get my Mojo back !… Right !…. Last minute Stock checking & getting ready to depart ! ( this is my cupboard that I’ve got all my bits & bobs I’ve used , I better check dates too !! Lol 😂 ) I don’t know about you , but Last year was not one of my best !… After losing weight & maintaining for over a year .. I stepped off the health train completely to deal with a few physical & emotional set backs and had a bit of a grieving period ..

All laid bare ..:

An honesty post ❤️ All laid bare ❤️ Sorry ,long post , but I wanted to share ! I’m On my coffee break thinking about the year I’ve had! As you know I’ve been on my journey a while , head down and going for it I even started to maintain for over a year (yay me ) Then … ( like a lot of us ) I hit some speed bumps , some curveballs that completely side swiped me actually and as I’m only human ,I fell off ! The wheels fell off my plan ! I wasn’t taking as much notice of anything

They are back !!!!

Who loves a mulled wine !?!?… Who else is excited They are back !?!?! Ooohhhh ..And look at the shimmer on them !! 🍊🍷🎄🍊🍷🎄🍊🍷🎄🍊 @exantediet BURST Mulled Wine are back !!! A Limited Edition Multivitamin Drink With Gold Shimmer .. and boy does it shimmer !! So lovely warm .. I’ve already ordered another box ! ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ 🎄🎄🎄🎄 AND ….🎄🎄🎄🎄 My discount code KATE35 provides 35% off BURST Mulled Wine from Today aswell !! Just enter it at the checkout !! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇

Exante Xmas products have landed !!

They are back !!! I do love the Xmas range they do !! they have got … Stollen bar White choc and orange bar Candy cane shake Vegan candy cane shake Gingerbread shake Vegan gingerbread shake Irish cream shake Vegan irish cream All very tasty and exciting!! Don’t forget I’ve got my discount code that you can use on these aswell.. just enter KATE35 at checkout to get up to 35% site wide !.. And I’ve recently shared my Xmas packhacks on my guides on my Instagram too !! 👇👇👇👇👇

Halloween hack

So you can still enjoy & be on plan … @exantediet spooky spider protein balls 🎃🕷🕸🎃🕷🕸🎃🕷🕸🎃🕷🕸 I’m having a mini #halloween party tonight ( when I say mini .. it’s just me & the Hubster! Lol ) .. but after the year we have both had .. we wanted a little something.. so I have done a few treats ( that I’ll put on my blog and I’ve also done some @exantediet spider protein balls & a spooky @exantediet pizza .. so I can stay on plan if I wish !.. ( I’ll see how I go !! ….

90 second Weetabix & Exante mug cake

Really quick to do ! Microwave mug cake with a twist .. Well as I’m on my Christmas countdown now and trying to get my little bit of stress gain off .. I wanted to start off with a bang … I’ve been on plan since the start of 100 day countdown , and I knew today would be a challenge as I had an extra early start for work & then home for #brunch before heading out again .. I wanted a Packhack in a hurry & to stay focused & be on plan .. And as my kitchen is not quite ready ,

Mmmmmm This for Me today ..jpe

Kates losing it !

Why I set this Blog up...

I decided to set this blog up to try and share helpful information about my journey to other folk who are starting out on their weight loss.

I was getting a lot of messages asking about different things, so I thought id try and help put as much information as I could in one place.

The blog will probably evolve along the way as this is a work in progress as am I!

Hopefully I will post some stuff that may help someone on their journey too.

Join up if you want to catch the latest blogs .

Good luck, we have got this!

Kate xxxx

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Wanted to share this from my Instagram page xx__I’m just over 6 months on it xxx_And 5st 7.jpe


Thanks for your interest in Kates losing it !. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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