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A No bread , bread roll !?!?!?...

Using @lodough !!!

So here is the bread roll ...

( it only takes 90 seconds in the microwave!!! )

Hehehe , I’m still giggling over my double yoker egg !...

I’m trying to work out calories for it !?!?!??..


Do I just count it as 2 eggs ???...

Anyway ...

To make the Bread roll I blitzed a base up & added 1x small egg , 1/2 tsp baking powder & 1/4 tsp xanthan gum( optional , I just like too !) and a splash sparkling water to get a thick batter consistency, pop Into a greased microwaveable bowl & microwave for 90 seconds.. let cool , cut & munch !

Only 99 calories for the roll !!!

Had it with my black coffee & vits & supplements!..

I’m good to go for some gardening to try and clear my headache!..


.Hope everyone has the most AMAZING day ! Xx

I’m going outside to get some fresh air and relax my brain & eyes !.. Apparently a bit of r&r mag help my headache!!..

fingers crossed!


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