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A cheeky Icecream bar

Low carb & calorie

Made this with the low carb and calori Icecream from Halotop and a miracle cake bar from Lo-dough ..

But I’m working on a homemade version as we speak …

But this was lush !!!


& @halotopuk

This was lush …

And only 157 ish calories the WHOLE THING !!

Can’t grumble at that !

I saw someone share it yesterday and just had to give it a go !!..

I just cut the caramel miracle bar in half and added a spoonful of @halotopuk in the middle !.. I took a bite … said Mmmmmm loudly , Hubster heard and his head snapped round , & he wanted in on the action !.. so we had half each !! 🤪😂😂…

( note to self .. eat gorgeous looking things quietly !)


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