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Chocolate & caramel tart .. Exantediet style !!

Sooo tasty !!

This is LUSH …

As I was up mega early ( just couldn’t sleep !) this is what the hubster & myself are sharing later for our tea ! .. half this each with a brew !..

I just made a shell by popping it in a tart dish for a couple minutes in oven to go crispy, ( 39 calories & 2.2g carbs) then topped with @skinnyfoodco salted caramel spread ( I used 20g so it was 106 calories & 10g carbs ) and made the @exantediet chocolate delight(204 calories & 17g carbs) and popped it on top !

I sprinkled some @naturesheartuk cacao powder on to decorate !

Yum ..

So whole thing for 349 calories & 20.2g carbs

But as I’m sharing its

174 calories & 14.6g carbs each !!!


Can’t wait !!..

( I’m slowly catching up with messages too , promise!!)

Don’t forget I’ve got all my other recipes in my highlights!.. just hold finger down on the one you want and it will take you there xx ❤️ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

its on a reel on there too ! Xx

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