Kates losing it !

learning to love clothes again
learning to love clothes again

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finding my way to the new me
finding my way to the new me

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changing shape
changing shape

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The Full Story

Welcome to Kates losing it !, My very own Weightloss Blog !... yes me !?... with a Blog... who would of thought that.
Here’s a little bit about myself ! 

I’m 44 years old and I’m 5ft 9” tall. 

My weight loss journey with Exante started in May 2019, where my starting weight was 22st 6.5lb.

At this present time I currently weigh 12st 5lbs as of 11/11/2020.

I achieved the milestone of losing 100lb in just over 7.5 months which is an achievement I am very pleased and proud of.

I’ve also recently won the Exante spring slimmer of the season (Spring 2020), which I’m very excited about! - Photos to follow soon !!! 

I'm also exited to announce that just recently I achieved my initial target goal of losing 9 stone which I felt would be very hard to achieve. Words just cannot describe how happy I really am to have made the target goal and have also managed to now fit into size 12 clothes.

I have now set my final goal to achieve a total loss of 10 stone, so my target weight I have set at 12st 6.5lb although im not too far away now from reaching my target, this last stone is proving to be rather a challenge. 

My journey was also recently in the daily mail from an Exante advert, and

right now I’m feeling so fantastic about myself and my achievements I am happy to show my journey to the public that this diet truly works, and although I now only have a short journey to go, with the Exante plan I’m positive I will reach my final goal.

After a terrible accident, I had slowly started to put on the weight, I had been diagnosed with PTSD along with problems with my back.

Originally I thought I was coping in general and that I was ok, but I didn’t realise how much made an impact on me in terms of significant weight gain. 

Since starting to lose weight with Exante, I’m now starting to find myself again, day to day I’m getting more confident, much happier which has given me a new lease of life.

During my journey my aches and pains have had a significant reduction, I’m not having to take pain tablets for my back every 4 hours !!! So feeling more alive day by day which now at 44, in my opinion is better late than never !! Lol 

I really can’t recommend Exante enough! It has seriously changed my life, in more ways than one !!
So this page is to keep myself on track, and in the zone ... I have the determination to eventually achieve my target weight and then maintain!!! ..... and hopefully who knows, maybe we can all motivate each other ! 

I have an Instagram that you can follow alongside too , where I update and do my IGTV videos and answer any questions I can to help and also look out for my YouTube channel soon !! 

Instagram link is at the top of page ! 

Remember we all got this !!!

Kate xx 


As long as you keep trying ,you are winning everyday

You never fail unless you give up !...


Apple pie overnight oats

So quick ! Apple pie overnight shake oats .. (Or whatever flavour you like oats !… ) Spring has sprung … And I’m feeling my mojo coming back to life !.. How about you ? I’m on a mission to get moving more this week !.. So I prepared this yesterday.. to take out today for my #brunch !.. These are so quick to do that you can just grab them out of the fridge when you want them ! So I make these at night before I go to bed … I Just used 2 scoops @exantediet apple oat mix with 150

An added discount especially for Mother’s Day !

My exante code will give you a whopping 40% off most things from Friday the 25TH March until Sunday the 27th March .. A little heads up ! my exante code KATE35 will give you a whopping 40 % off most things site wide for the Friday, Saturday & Sunday .. so I thought I’d give you a little heads up to let you know xx An added discount is always worth shouting about ! Just enter KATE35 at the checkout in link below on those day ( then it will be 35% as normal!) ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇

Overnight Weetabix cheesecake pot

Layers and layers .. Triple chocolate layered Protein cheesecake All the flavours … none of the guilt ! I love the @weetabixofficial cheesecake so much , I did a triple layered one ! …using @skinnyfoodco @weetabixofficial & @fage_uk 150g fage - 79 calories & 4.5g carbs 3x Tsp @skinnyfoodco chocoholic spread ( one Tsp of each flavour I had ) 75 ish calories 2 x Weetabix 136 calories & 26g carbs 80ml @alpro no added sugar almond milk 14 calories & 0.4g carbs Crush the Weetabix

Gin & tonic Burst Candy grapes

These are goooddd !! I’ll show the jelly version later too ! Gin & tonic grapes anyone ???.. The video for this is on my Instagram.. for some reason I still can’t post videos on here !?!?.. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent today .. but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather 🤧 … And all I felt like was fruit .. And I really wanted some freezing cold grapes .. like .. really really needed them !.. ( do you ever get those moments , where you NEED something? X ) But I wanted a Z

Banana pops

Not sure what to call them !!! Cacao yogurt covered banana “pops“… ( didn’t know what to call them ?.. what would you suggest ?) ..banana pops ?? … protein pops ??… ..cacao pops … 🤭😂😂😂 ..ANYWAY ….. ➡️➡️➡️➡️ swipe to see how tasty they are !!! … …they are soooo good ! They look strange . .. I know , I’ll work on the “look” more another time ! 🤭😂.. …. but it tasted AMAZING !! I had a couple of bananas to use up , and I’d seen something similar made .. So I mixed 100g @f

Superfoods !!

It’s here .. new range is in !! & I’m excited! Whoo hoo ! Who’s excited ! 🙌🍫🍌🙌🍫🍌🙌🍫🍌🙌 (I know I am ! ) Superfood Shakes are finally here! ….. the newest addition to @exantediet plant based range. These superfood shakes are available in two delicious flavours: Banana 🍌 & Cacao 🍫 They are made with pea protein, flaxseeds, buckwheat, apple fibre and even real banana and cacao! Each plant-based superfood shake contains 27 vitamins & minerals, natural flavourings, and

Waste not want not !

Sometimes I forget things ! ( lol ) I hate waste …. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 And I made a thick @exantediet smoothie last night .. and then had to go out ( I’d forgotten I had an appointment!🤪) - that because I’m officially older tomorrow and my brain isn’t being kind to me !! 😂😂😂 … I didn’t want it to go to waste .. so I put some @exantediet Rasberry sauce at the bottom of some Icecream moulds and poured the shake mix on top !… And voila !…. I Got 6 tasty strawberry Icecream rocke

Come on over for a catch-up

I’m doing lives on a Friday on my Instagram and Facebook… Hello !!!! I said that To get back on track with my #weightlossjourney , I promised that I’d do some lives on my grid , from January on a Friday, about bits & bobs we encounter on a weightloss journey and tips and tricks we have learnt on the way .. doesn’t matter what plan your on as we are all on the same journey of Truro better ourselves.. it will be a general chit chat to stay motivated.. as together we are strong

Homemade chicken noodle soup

With leftovers if you like ! Homemade chicken noodle soup We can all do with a good bowl of homemade soup sometimes.. it’s warm & comforting.. Well here is one of my favourites.. And you can make it as healthy as you like …. You can use low carb noodles, breast of chicken instigated thigh .. or no chicken at all !!! But this is what I like to make … 1/2 onion, finely chopped & diced (23 calories & 5.5 g carbs ) 3x crushed & chopped garlic cloves 100g, carrots finely diced (41

90 second Weetabix & Exante mug cake

Really quick to do ! Microwave mug cake with a twist .. Well as I’m on my Christmas countdown now and trying to get my little bit of stress gain off .. I wanted to start off with a bang … I’ve been on plan since the start of 100 day countdown , and I knew today would be a challenge as I had an extra early start for work & then home for #brunch before heading out again .. I wanted a Packhack in a hurry & to stay focused & be on plan .. And as my kitchen is not quite ready ,

Exante Sheet pan pancakes

Tasty & quick ! Oohhh … I’ve been dreaming of these all morning at work … A @exantediet Packhack I’ve been itching to do & the new blueberry muffin flavour , seemed perfect for it !.. I Got 6 big pancakes out of them too !… And the new flavour is Absolutely gorgeous @exantediet !.. The blurb about the new flavour… It’s A creamy plant-based shake with real blueberry juice inspired by Blueberry muffins. It has 27 Vitamins and Minerals, Plant-Based, High in Fibre & High in Prote

New product Alert with @exantediet !!

Hands up Who likes A Quick tasty meal .. on plan !?!?.. 🙋‍♀️👋🙋‍♀️👋🙋‍♀️👋🙋‍♀️👋🙋‍♀️ Well … I forgot about these today , with all that’s been going on !!.. But … I thought I’d share , as @exantediet really have got me all excited about them !!.. I don’t know if you have seen …👀👀👀👀 …But …. @exantediet have just released these !!!! 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 NEW exante Pot Meals! Creamy Thai Noodles & Bolognese pasta ! I’ve just had this one ( the creamy Thai , as I couldn

Make mine a cheeseburger

(Fakeaway Night ) I found the Heck burgers in my local supermarket and I had to try them ... really fancied a burger and with chips would be great !!.... so here is my version.. cheeseburger with mushrooms and salad garnish with celeriac chips ! I must say for a 200 kcal meal I was very impressed.. and it definitely hit the spot ! Xx Kcals. Carb Heck burger 129 kcals 50g mushrooms 11 kcals 1xslice l

Measurements time !

(Let’s see what I’ve lost) Well, I always say to people that if the scales don’t move , don’t forget to check your measurements... So I thought I’d better listen to my own Advice ! So I went and got my tape measure out and had a look . It shocks me to say that I have lost the equivalent of 6 feet 6 inches all over !... that’s mind boggling isn’t it ! In total 78 inches ..... ( I measure my Neck, under Boobs, waist, hips, left Arm, left thigh and left calf ) I should of done

Day 244 Wednesday weigh (they come round so quickly!)

I forgot to pop this post up the other day !!!! My weighday was on Wednesday .. DAY 244 on plan ! And I was very excited to have dropped into the 14st bracket........only just ... at 14st 13.5lb , but I’ll take it !!! So from 22st 6.5lb to 14st 13.5lb in roughly 8 months A loss of 7st 7lb so far !! Its mind boggling really ! This week I had a 1.5lb loss . Sometimes the losses are Big , as I’ve said before,sometimes they can be slower... and sometimes they don’t move at all ..

Butterscotch Delight .......

( Tastebuds love this one ! ) Last night I needed something that was a sweet treat. I Needed something that felt naughty, but was 100% on plan .. So I got out my old faithful of my Exante products... The Butterscotch Delight. And it really is was ... a total delight ! And because I like to make things look pretty ( why not eh ?, just because we are on a diet , we still want it looking good ! ) I sprinkled some caramel flavoured Beanies coffee granules on top ! X Absolutley

Have you ever Woke up with a wobble ....

( I have !.... Be ready for those days !) Some days are just like that , it’s life ... whether you are on a diet or not .... Somedays you have to dig deeper than normal. But the trick is , to never give up ! .... keep trying , keep striving for what you want out of that day ... take one day at a time . When I first started Exante , I had read all the advice from people saying that it’s the first few days that can be hard , then it gets easier, and that is definitely true, onc

Just call me Bilbo-Baggins!!!

(Time for a clear-out !!....) So I thought after 8 months on the Exante diet, perhaps it was time to sort my clothes out !! I’d been telling myself that they were ok still to wear and that I’d just be in baggy clothes. Not that I’d really worn much of it anyway, as I’d basically been in leggings/jogging bottoms and a hoodie for ..... well quite frankly years !! .... x So today was the day !!!! Most of my clothes were size 24/26, with a few 22 that I’d been hoping to get into

Mmmmmm This for Me today ..jpe

Kates losing it !

Why I set this Blog up...

I decided to set this blog up to try and share helpful information about my journey to other folk who are starting out on their weight loss.

I was getting a lot of messages asking about different things, so I thought id try and help put as much information as I could in one place.

The blog will probably evolve along the way as this is a work in progress as am I!

Hopefully I will post some stuff that may help someone on their journey too.

Join up if you want to catch the latest blogs .

Good luck, we have got this!

Kate xxxx

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Thanks for your interest in Kates losing it !. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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