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Protein cheesecakes

Made with exante shake , Greek yogurt & Weetabix

Protein cheesecakes !

…using @exantediet , @weetabixofficial & @fage_uk

Well, I’d seen the hacks , so Thankyou for sharing them all !.. .. so , you know , I just had to try for myself myself , to see how good they were !!!…

And OMG!..

it’s a Genius idea !!!

And on plan !…

I made a strawberry one for me ..

And a cookies & cream to share ( maybe ! 🤪🤣)

This is for one portion…

So adjust accordingly…

100g fage - 54 calories & 3g carbs

1/2 pack exante shake (what flavour you like)

100 calories & 8g carbs (depending)

1x Weetabix 68 calories & 13g carbs

40ml @alpro no added sugar almond milk 7 calories & 0.2g carbs

So each portion is …

229 calories & 24.2g carbs ..

Crush the Weetabix up and mix with 40 ml no added sugar almond milk ( per Weetabix , so adjust to portion size )

Once mixed , press down to make base .

Mix the @fage_uk Greek yogurt with the @exantediet shake mix and pop on top , refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight..

The strawberry one I made , is for one portion, (Me !!!)

And the cookie & cream is for 2 ..

.. it’s that good , I may have to hide from the Hubster ! 🤣🤣😋😘

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