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Packhack alert !!

Do you remember these pancakes ?!?..

Exantediet Packhack alert !...

Who remembers these as a kid !?!?...

I saw this idea of using a base and their southern style coating to make a crispy savoury pancake ( like the ones I had as a kid from findus or Birdseye.. I can’t remember who made them ... you used to get cheese & ham or curry or chicken and mushroom or chilli ..

Well I made this today with my @exantediet chilli pack !..

Sooo good !

But obviously you can use what ever fillings you like to fit in with your plan !...

But , today , I made the @exantediet chilli using 150 ml of boiling water and then microwaved it to soften, you can add more water if you need to after( I will probably add a bit more next time to make it a bit more saucy at the end )

Then I folded a base in half and put the chilli inside, egg washes the edges to stick down , then egg washed both sides and pressed some southern fried coating on the outside.. and cooked in oven at 180 until browned & crispy!..

So yum !!!

I’ve got loads more recipes& Packhacks in my highlights on my grid from savoury to sweet , if you want to see !


But these was very yum & all I added was one base and 7g of coating so an extra 57

calories & 3.4g carbs!...

Whoo hoo !!!

Happy Thursday! Xx

here is the link to the video with music on my Instagram...


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