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Healthy Kebabs anyone??...

These really were good !!

Midweek #fakeaway night tonight for me & hubby !( he’s very Excited bless him !!..)

( and on plan too !!! )

This is Absolutely Gorgeous!!..


A , @spicentice Kebab with @fakeawayfoodco & @skinnyfoodco sauce & salad !..

OMG !!! 😋😋😋

Soooo tasty !


You can have a low calorie & carb meal & still stay on plan ! ...


I just weighed the chicken out.. to have my meal ( and left rest in fridge and hubby had one too !!.. ) so I had the equivalent of a medium chicken thigh which is about 108 calories no carbs and 50 calories of salad and pepper and had a wrap and @skinnyfoodco @fakeawayfoodco sauces to make up my allowance xx


6 chicken thighs (skinless & boneless)

2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)

3 tbsp of lemon juice

low cal spray

2 tbsp of tomato puree

2 skewers (metal or wooden)

I Served with

@fakeawayfoodco kebab sauce & @skinnyfoodco sweet chilli wrap ,shredded lettuce, pickled cabbage and peppers with onions ( I chopped up half an onion and half a pepper)


Mid week meal on plan done ! Xx


I cooked the thighs on skewers in oven at 200 for 40 mins ( turning once ) and put the peppers and onions in tin foil with low calorie spray until charred.. Tasty ! 😋


.once I’ve eaten and that I’ll catch up on here !!... it’s been a hell of a day & I got waylaid!! !!!...


Hope you still all good and staying strong ! Xx

I promise I will get back to messages.. it’s just taking me longer this week as had a few emergencies! Xx

As usual my codes are in my links if you want to try

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