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White chocolate & strawberry baked lava oats

These were seriously good ! ..

White chocolate & strawberry baked oats ( with a cheeky mini party ring ! 🤭)

It’s been one of those days ,

I woke up late .. I was late to work & I forgot my products for the morning!...

DOH 🙄...

And I was so buisy all I’ve had all morning is my water , burst and coffee’s.. lots of coffee’s !!!!..

So when I got home , I had an hour before heading out again ..

So I made this !..

( it’s got a cheeky mini party ring on , but hey ho.. !)

40g @myproteinuk rolled oats (144 calories & 22.4g carbs )

10 g @myproteinuk egg white powder (33 calories & 0,5g carbs)

60ml no added sugar almond milk (5.2 calories)

Tablespoon @skinnyfoodco white chocolate sauce ( to sweeten)

60 ml fizzy water ( add slowly as you may need slightly less )

1/4 tsp baking powder

For the middle

5g @skinnyfoodco unicorn spread (26 calories & 2.7 g carbs)

For the top

1x @foxsbiscuits mini party ring (10.3 calories & 1.6g carbs) ( very optional!)

10g @arladairyuk skyr mixed with a squirt of @skinnyfoodco strawberry jelly ( 6.3 calories & 0.4g carbs)

224 calories & 27.7g carbs


I whizzed all the ingredients together in a blender ( apart from middle & toppings ) and made a “batter consistency “..

Put half in a frylighted oven dish .. poped the @skinnyfoodco spread in middle and topped with rest of porridge mixture & popped @foxsbiscuits party ring on top ..

Cooked on 180 until cooked ( mine took about 12-13 Mins as I wanted it still gooey inside! - ➡️ swipe to see the yummm !)


Not quite what I had planned.. but as I said .. it’s one of those days !!...

How is everyone doing?...

I hope your having a fantastic Tuesday!...

I hope mine improves!!! Lol 😂

don’t forget I’ve got my discount codes on my protein and skinnyfoodco in my linktree ( along with a few others ! )


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