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Toffee apple baked oats

Keeps you going !


Toffee apple , cinnamon & custard lava baked oats

I couldn’t help myself as I’ve been wanting some baked oats , but didn’t want too many extra calories!

And ,as I’m Going to be buisy today building my decking 😊 I wanted some porridge to keep me going !

So ,I got up early & Packhacked an @exantediet Apple cinnamon porridge ( you can use any oats you choose , about 25g )


I used half a pack of @exantediet ones and mixed it with 20 g @myproteinuk egg white powder , I popped some chopped apple & @skinnyfoodco custard in middle and put a toffee cheesecake sauce on top with a blob of @skinnyfoodco custard

Half a packet of @exantediet Apple cinnamon porridge pack ( 28g) ( 105 calories & 10g carb) 20g @myproteinuk egg whites (66 calories & 1.6g carbs)

1x tsp baking powder

50g @arladairyuk skyr 31 calories & 2g carbs)

50 ml @aldiuk acti leaf no added such almond milk ( 10 calories & 0.6g carbs)

@skinnyfoodco custard

20g chopped apple ( 10 calories & 2.6g carb)

4-5 drops @exantediet toffee flavour drops

Pinch cinnamon

10g @philadelphia_uki (22 calories & 2.3g carbs)

Whole thing was 244calories 19.1g carbs

Mix all dry ingredients together & add the yogurt & half the flavour drops and almond milk put half in a ovenproof greased dish and then put 5g chopped apple & a dollop of @skinnyfoodco custard in the middle ,then top with rest of mixture ,then top with the leftover chopped apple

Put in oven at 180 and cook for about 10-12 minutes ( depending on your oven, you don’t want to over cook as you will loose the gooey center)

I mixed the 10g of @philadelphia_uki with the rest of the @exantediet flavour drops to make a toffee cheesecake sauce & put on top with a little squirt of @skinnyfoodco custard and a sprinkle of cinnamon


Have a fantastic day !

There are lots of other recipes on my highlights In Instagram..

I’ll pop back later and show my decking!!

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