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Blueberry cheesecake baked oats

Low calorie & carb

A Blueberry cheesecake lava cake ..

With white chocolate sauce ..

I’ve been experimenting with my mug cakes and baked oats lately , as the gym is reopening up here soon , and I’m getting ready with my protein fix!And there are so many gorgeous recipes out there !

But as I try & stick to as close to 200 calories and 20g carbs as I can ,I have to experiment with recipes sometimes , to make it fit with my plan .

I made it using a mixture of @myproteinuk instant oats & @myproteinuk egg white powder

And filled it with some @skinnyfoodco caramel flavoured @philadelphia_uki cream cheese


20g @myproteinuk egg white powder ( 67 calories & 1.6g carbs)

20g @myproteinuk instant oats ( 76 calories & 12.4g carbs)

1 x tsp baking powder

5-6 drops @exantediet vanilla flavour drops

50 ml @aldiuk unsweetened acti leaf almond milk ( 10 calories & 0.6g carbs)

50g @arladairyuk skyr ( 31 calories & 2g carbs )

20g blueberries ( 11 calories & 2.9g carbs )

Mix altogether (apart from blueberries) to make a cake batter

Then for the Middle mix ..

10g @philadelphia_uki ( 22 calories & 0.4g carbs )

10 ml @skinnyfoodco caramel creamer


Stir in 1/3 of blueberries into mixture ( saving the rest for middle and top ! )

Pop half mixture into a greased baking dish and spoon in the cream cheese mixture and a couple of blueberries) then pop on the rest of mixture

I put the remaining blueberries on and 4g no - added sugar white chocolate to decorate( 21 calories 2.3g carbs ) -chocolate to decorate, was just an indulgence for me so it’s optional !

Cook in preheated oven at 180 for about 15 mins

And I put a squirt of @skinnyfoodco white cheese sauce on top !

So good !

It was 238 calories & 21.5g carbs all in

more recipes on my Instagram !

( I’m getting them on here slowly xx )

I do have discount s for items too ! .. in my linktree


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