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A Brownie porridge bowl

You can use any porridge you have for this (I used an @exantediet one !...

My Saturday morning #breakfast/#brunch ..

A Beautiful Brownie porridge bowl ....


Oh em geeee !!!

This was AMAZING! Xxx

I had to go out for a wee checkup again with my Matilda Dog .. so I wanted something a bit extra ( as sometimes you just need that but extra don’t you !?..) & something filling and that will give me a bit of a chocolate fix & that will keep me going and not make me fall off plan ! !...


5g @skinnyfoodco brownie mix (15 calories & 2.6g carbs )

5g @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread (25 calories & 2.7g carbs )

@exantediet porridge pot (213 calories 20.2 g carbs )

So the whole lot was 253 calories & 25.5 g carbs

I mixed the @exantediet porridge pot as normal and let it set then added 5g @skinnyfoodco chocolate brownie mix and mixed together put it in a bowl and popped 5g of @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread in middle and microwaved for 60 seconds...

..Pure Heaven!...

and totally worth it as I’m full and full of energy!..


Now I’m off to see my girl is improving at the vets and hopefully have a good day !..

( I think she is , her Appetite is definitely back anyway🤞🤞🤞🤞🐾🐾❤️)

What are you up to today !?...


.Don’t forget I’ve got my Instagram & other bits and bobs too ! Would be great to see you there !

( I’m experimenting with some cooking today so I’ll be posting !! )

Link to it below !( and link to some discounts and vid too !)


straight to post on Instagram


or if you just want to browse all my other recipes on us a follow !!..


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