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Remember to be proud of every little thing !

Love yourself no matter what !

Be proud of the little things !

Hello !

Excuse the sweaty no make up look 🤪

but I was out in the garden trying to cool down after my early workout !

And I’m proud of the glow !

Those who have followed me a while , will know what a roller coaster the last couple years have been for me !( I think most of us have had a tough time of it haven’t we ?)

I feel , I’m finally getting back in the zone

I won’t lie , it’s been harder to get back on track this time 🤪 , but it’s starting to feel good !

And I’m actually smiling about exercising again !

With the mess that was last year , I had given up all my exercise ( stupidly , I know !) , but it kind of just happened without me realising as my mind was on other things )

I lost my way, I lost what felt like my mind 🤪 , lost my routine & my mojo & I’ve spent the last few months trying to get it back trying day in day out to get control of it and to enjoy it again !

To take care of my mind aswell as my body

So , I’m just taking it one day at a time & slowly piecing myself back together again ❤️

I know how hard it can be , to lose your way , to veer off your path & to have to fight twice as hard to get back on it , without beating yourself up. , to look forward not back !

To not only tell yourself your worth it , but to actually believe it too.

To convince yourself what’s done is done , it’s life , you can’t change it ,only start afresh and remember your why & remember how strong u are .

My why is getting back to healthy In time for my holiday at the end of the year ! (it has been postponed 6 times & I’m finally getting to go !)

I’m determined to make it a good 6 months ahead & get back to me just in time for it ! ❤️

So if your struggling, your not alone !

Remember your why , take a deep breath & fight for it 💪

Just take it one day at a time ,


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