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Sometimes it’s just harder

You are not alone ..

If you feel that Some days it’s just harder …

You are not alone ❤️

The journey is not easy ,I’ve talked before about the bumps in the road and the detours!

I’ve had a few !

Some days you really have to push yourself to even smile !

Some days the last thing you want to do is exercise, or take a walk to get some steps in or to be on plan .

…some days, you just don’t want to show up !

But we all know that once we have pushed ourselves , even if it’s the extra few steps to walk to the park , or the shops .. we feel so much better !

I’ve found ,for me , it’s getting in to that habit, that routine, that can help …

The habit of just trying as best we can , every day .. of showing up , even if we don’t want to … no matter how small our wins are that day .. it all adds up …

As you know , I lost enthusiasm for a while & was just kind of existing, not really concentrating on myself..

And it was like a never ending downward spiral..

The less I took care of myself, the less happy I was , the more negative thoughts popped in my head , which led to wanting to do even less, wanting to hide away again …

It really was a slippery slope !

I’ve found out the hard way that weightloss is not just about your body & how you look ..

It really starts with the mind .

And until you start to take care of that,it will make it hard to take care of the body ,as negative thoughts do not help you , they fight you every step of the way .

And it makes your journey harder than it needs to be !

Today , I just took a long walk and thought about things and chilled the mind .. and at the same time , i was getting my steps in , taking time for me and resetting myself for the week ahead .

So take time for you ..even if u take just a few moments a day , just on you,reading a book , having a bath , whatever relaxes you !

Stay strong 💪

And remember to celebrate every little win 🏆

And if we fight for it …

We WILL get there ! 💪

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