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Look for that smile ..

It’s the best thing !

Sometimes it’s the happiness inside the smiles through …

I’ve been on my journey a while … lots of twists & turns have happened in that time , losing over 10st , gaining 3 back over lockdown and dealing with family grief , and then finally getting back on track to lose the last of it , hopefully in time for my holidays….🤞🤞…but I must admit it’s how I feel about myself that means the most .. the sadness has gone and I’m a lot more positive about myself and life in general.

Yes , I need to keep working on shifting the last couple stone , but I seem to be finally happy with myself and the smile in the eyes says it all !

I think it’s an important part of the journey, to look after our mental health and to allow ourselves to be happy , because , good day or bad day , slip up or not , there will always be a few bumps in the road , but we all deserve happiness , and to smile , no matter what!


Stay strong , and one day at a time , we will get to where we want to be 🙌


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