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Your happiness is important

It's the smile inside we need

It’s the happiness I see inside that keeps me going ❤️

(Sorry it’s a long post but as I’m 47 this month , I was feeling reflective!)

I know I’ve said that before, but it always hits me when I look back at old photos…

When I started my journey, I thought it was just about the weight , well , it’s what started it , that’s for sure .

But along the way I realised it was so much more …

Yes I have a goal weight in mind , and I try every day to get closer to that , as it’s a goal I have and I’m determined to get there .

For me .

But also , on my many detours and bumps in the road that I’ve had on my journey, I’ve had the time to find myself again ….because the real me had somehow got hidden under all the layers I had around myself, emotions I’d not really delt with … thoughts that were always in my head , of feeling ugly , worthless, ashamed of my body , feeling like I should just hide away and live in my own little bubble.

Pretending I was happy and plastering that smile on my face for the outside world to see .

I didn’t admit to myself, that I was unhappy.

So when I started to work on my weightloss, I also started to work on the whole of me …

The more I took time on myself, the more the real me was emerging..

Slowly I started to feel much more confident, more adventurous, healthier and smiling truly for what seems like ages … I’m finally happy in my own skin .

I’m happy inside.

Truly happy 😊

And looking back at the first picture of me , to the others .. I can see the sadness has gone


You have to take that time to be kind to yourself & work on your mind , aswell as your body .

To love the whole of you

Your happiness in key .

To Love yourself is the most important thing to do❤️


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