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Making my low carb bread for the freezer …

Nice to have some in !

Low carb & calorie Bread


You know I like to make low carb bread , so if I want a slice with my soup , I can!

Also , the Hubster is on a health kick & I promised him a crusty low carb & calorie loaf .

( I will freeze my slices for when I want them , as they freeze well !)

The secret ingredient to this one is vital weat gluten !!

It makes it “bread like “ & keeps it low carb

If you use oat fibre instead of oat flour it’s even less , but I’m waiting for my oat fibre order to turn up ..

So I used oat flour instead & vital gluten ( with a few other bits thrown in .. And it’s like a lovely fresh loaf from the bakery!)

And it was cooked in my @towerhousewares bread machine, that I treated myself to last year .. !

1 Cup Water

2 Eggs, slightly beaten 108 calories & 0.4g carbs )

2/3 Cup Ground flax meal (354 calories & 2.1g carbs )

1/2 Cup gluten free Oat Flour ( you can just whizz some oats up in blender to make flour ) (265 calories & 30g carbs )

1 1/4 Cup @nkdliving Vital Wheat Gluten (687 calories & 10.8g carbs)

2 Tbsp melted butter (34 calories)

1 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Xanthum gum

1 tsp runny honey ( 21 calories & 5.8g carbs)

1 x 7g packet yeast ( 21 calories & 2.6g carbs )

***Layer the ingredients as your machines instructions****

I layered wet first then dry and finished with yeast .

Cooked as Basic soft bread medium sized loaf ..

I got about 16 huge slices out of it ( & one slice , cut in half , is tall enough for a whole sandwich !so it comes in on plan with a nice filling too !

But all in all It works out to be roughly 93 calories & only 3.2g carbs a large slice ( enough for 2 ) But you can cut how you wish xx

You can bake in the oven aswell if you haven’t a bread machine ..

I’ve got lots of recipes in my highlights & guides on my grid on my Instagram if you want to follow 😊

( I’m slowly getting them on my blog but it’s taking time xxx )

So here’s my link to Instagram if you want to see them now xx


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