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Crispy breaded chicken

Low carb & calories crumbed chicken with vegetable cauliflower rice for dinner

➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️swipe for yummmm …

( I know it wasn’t what I had planned, lol but the pizza will now be on Wednesday!!… )

But this was Absolutely lush …

I had some chicken fillets to use , so I made a kind of crumbed chicken using the southern coating mix and had it with some cauliflower vegetable rice ..

It was really nice and kept me from having the naughty version!..

A top tip is , i do like to double dip the crumb coating when I’m making as I think it makes it a bit tastier!


Just dip your meat or veg in egg mixture then dip , then egg mixture & dip again !!..

I prepared it in the morning, then kept it in the fridge , all ready crumbed until I wanted to cook ..

I popped it in the Airfryer for about 15 mins , until juiced ran clear !..

I Had it with some stir fried cauliflower rice and a smidge of salad ..

So it kept the carbs very low and the calories down !…

Now to go and watch a film !!!

Hope your having a Happy #saturday !!!!

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