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90 second Bread !?!?…

Oh yes !!!

Mug “bread”

I love to do things in mugs ..

( see my mug section guide !🤣🤪)

And this was a great new addition!

A 90 second flaxseed, turmeric & cinnamon bread …

( so it’s got added health benefits too !)

2 small eggs

1/2 cup @linwoodshealthfoods flaxmeal

1 Tsp baking powder

Sprinkle turmeric

Sprinkle cinnamon

1/2 Tsp coconut oil

Mix all together in a large mug until there are no lumps ..

Pop in microwave for 90 seconds

Get out of mug and let it rest , cut up accordingly.. I could of got 6 slices out of it ,( I cut 5 as I cut one too chunky !🤪) but 6 would have been only

89 calories & 3.5 g carbs a slice !!!

I’ll be having 2 slices with an egg for tea !!

And keeping the rest in the fridge for another time !

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