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Low calorie & carb Donuts !?!?...

Well .. this is what I made !!

Low carb & calorie donuts !?!?!?

Oohhh yesssss please !

I’ve had an experiment in the kitchen today ( I do that sometimes when I have things on my mind )

I used to cook things and not worry about carbs or calories ( I did it for a living for years working in restaurants !)

But now when I cook , I play around and try and make things healthier!

And today I made these !

It was using a version of the protein #keto bread I make .. But today I made Donuts ( I’ve made other things with it but I’ll show that another day ! 😜)

I used 6 x egg whites

3x egg yolks

30g of @myprotein egg white powder

1x tbsp sweetner

Then filled with a mixture of @skinnyfoodco strawberry jelly & jam

And topped with a @skinnyfoodco unicorn spread with @nkdliving icing sugar or @skinnyfoodco white chocolate & raspberry chocolate top

6x egg whites ( 102 calories)

3x egg yolks ( 165 calories)

30g @myprotein egg white powder ( 101 calories & 1.6g carbs )


@skinnyfoodco jam& jelly ( 40g jam and squirt jelly between them all at ( 14 calories & 9.8g carbs )

Pink ones

Mix 10g warmed @skinnyfoodco chocolatey spread ( 52 calories & 5.4 g carbs )

5g @nkdliving nkdliving powdered Erythritol icing sugar

Dried raspberry

Topping white ones

Mix 10g warmed @skinnyfoodco white chocolate & raspberry chocolate spread ( 52 calories & 5.4g carbs )

And 5g @nkdliving icing sugar

( you may need a splash of milk to thin slightly)

Totals - 486 calories & 22.2 g carbs

I got 8 out of them so

60.7 calories each & 2.7g carbs !!

I’m happy with that !

Mix egg white until stiff and add 1 x tablespoon of @nkdliving icing sugar and 30g @myprotein egg white powder then gently fold in 3 egg yolks Then greese a muffin tin and put half mixture in and a little bit of @skinnyfoodco jelly in each one and top with rest of mixture ( this kind of ran out a bit on some so I’ll probably skip that bit in future and go to next step !)

Cook in oven at 140 for 35-40 mins until Rosen , then turn oven off and leave to cool

Then once out and cooled fill with a bit of @skinnyfoodco & jelly mix combined in each one then top with @skinnyfoodco chocolate icing and leave to harden in fridge and munch !

dont forget I’ve got all my discount codes in my linktree for the bits I used too ( if you want !)


happy Saturday!!

Sooooo tasty !!! ...

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