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I’m getting ready for a 100 day challenge…

I’m wanting to have something to set my focus on for a few months .. to really give myself an overhaul..

I’m 47 tomorrow ( eeeeekkkk)

And I’m wanting to do something positive…

So , 100 days to try my best , in a few areas of my life ..

Mind , body AND wellness..

So it will be 100 days of improving my habits, improving my exercise, focusing staying on plan and taking care of my mind .

And seeing how just trying my best for 100 days can change my outlook.

I know I won’t be perfect every day .. we are only human ….

But just trying as best we can one day at a time will soon add up !

I’ll be putting up some 100 day trackers up , if you want to join in !

And I’ll be using the hashtag #💯dayslosingit to share my updates , so if your joining in , then use it too and we can all cheer each other on ! ….. Do you want to join in ?

And when do you think it should start ?…

Monday 20th feb ( soon as possible)

Or round it up to the beginning of March ?

It’s always more fun doing it as a team !!!

..who’s in ? 🙌


Come on over to my insta for extra bits and charts too ....

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