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Lava brownie oats

So yum !

My Flowerpot lava brownie oats ..


I made this today for my Tea ...


I’ve had a bit of a stressful Day in the end today ( so this was very welcome for my tea ! )

After work , I’ve had to rush my Matilda dog ( this is a picture of my gorgeous girl if you ) to the vets as she really wasn’t well , but , in the end , ( touch wood ) after a scan , it was better news than I thought I was going to get , and she’s on antibiotics to hopefully get her better ,so fingers crossed 🤞 !

I do worry ,as she’s an older girl , but she seems to have a bit more energy back now , so hopefully she will improve xx !..

So , it’s a cuddle on the sofa with her tonight and being thankful she’s still here ! ...

( they do worry you don’t they !?..)


Flowerpot lava Brownie oats ..

Using half a packet @exantediet porridge (100 calories & 7g carbs)

22g @skinnyfoodco chocolate brownie mix (70 calories & 12g carbs)

10g @arladairyuk skyr yogurt (26 calories & 0.4g carbs)

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg white ( 17 calories)

Enough water to make a cake batter

Tsp @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread (25 calories &2.6g carbs)


Mixed it all together

Popped half into a greased flower pot ( the kind with no hole in bottom !)

Then put Tsp @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread in the middle

Then topped with rest of mixture!!

I Baked in oven at 170 until cooked , but still moist , about 10- 12 mins ...


Yum !

It was

238 calories & 22.2g carbs



Now to go and wrestle with my girl to get the antibiotics in her !!

And then have my snuggle with her !!...

...this could take a while as she hates taking tablets and always fights me !! .. I’ve tried sneaking them in her food or treats and she just spits them out 🤪😂🐾🐾🐾!...


wish me luck !!!!! Lol 😂

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