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Fabulous fishcakes

( no potato here!)

I like to experiment with what I can make for my 200kcals meals .. to keep it Interesting !

well I think I’ve found a winner here !!!

I have been using celeriac lately, to get my low carb potato -like fix ... and I’ve come up with these !

Cod, cauliflower & celeriac fishcakes


Salmon, broccoli & celeriac fishcakes

Both are sooo good ! And gives you the hit you need , without the calories or carbs ! Xxx

Cod fishcakes

fry cod in fry light

Mix all ingredients together

Boil celeriac

Mash season &add splash milk , then & add to mixture

Make into 100g patties

Cook in oven at 170 then turn once browning and cook other side to crisp x ( fry light squirt on them )

Serve with salad leaves and skinny sauce mayo x

Cod fishcakes

350g cod 350 kcals

300g celeriac 126 kcals. 28g carb

100g cauliflower rice 25 kcals 5g carb

2x spring onions 10 kcals. 2g carb

1 x teaspoon Parmesan 12 kcals

1 x teaspoon milk 10 kcals 1.2 carb




Total 533 kcals and 36.2 carb

once all combined , you get about 8 patties ...

So They work out to be about 70 kcals each and 4.5 g carbs so you can have 2 with s a salad for a total of 200 Kcals

Enjoy !

Salmon fishcakes

350g salmon 550 Kcals

300g celeriac. 126 Kcals. 28g carb

100g brocoli rice 30 Kcals 5g carb

1/4 onion chopped 10 kcals 2g carb




milk splash. 10 kcal 1.2g carb

total 726 kcals 36.2g carb

you get about 8 patties at a 100g each

so 90 kcals each and 4.5 carbs

Again ... cook fish and then flake into bowl and mix all ingredients together, make into 100g patties and oven bake at 170 on both sides

I froze mine in batches of 2 - so I can get out and have when needed, without the hassle of making them fresh all the time ! Xxx

hope you enjoy as much as I did !



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