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Creamy garlic chicken mushrooms

Using the bits up I had left in my fridge !

Creamy garlic chicken stuffed mushrooms

I had 4 BIG mushrooms to use and some leftover cooked chicken…

So I made this !

And they were INCREDIBLE 😬

I just took the stalk out the mushrooms, I chopped them and added to the chopped chicken ( about 200g worth ) , garlic & onions in a pan and fried off until tender ..

Added a couple tablespoons of 0% @fage_uk and some garlic, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese & my homegrown spinach

I added some fresh basil too at this stage .. cooked a while longer until creamy & bubbling

I Shared the mixture between the mushrooms, topped with some grated low calorie @eatlean cheese and I had a @peperamitv to use do I popped it ontop too! ( #wastenotwantnot )

I popped it in the oven at 180 for about 35-40 mins ( until mushrooms are cooked and cheese all browned & bubbling hot )

I had one with a salad and the Hubster had another .. the other 2 we can have the next day …

I do love to use up what I have to use , having healthy meals , no waste & saving money !

What do you like stuffed in your mushrooms ?

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