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Burger “bowl”

So good !

Big Mac salad “bowl”

It was Burgers for a late lunch / early tea in our house today & I wanted to join in but stay on- plan !

So I made this !

Why oh why , didn’t I make this before!?!?

So tasty & quick to do !

All you need is ..

5% @asda beef mince

Iceberg lettuce



Slice light sliced cheese

@fakeawayfoodco burger sauce

I fried up some 5% lean beef mince with some burger seasoning I got from @asda and put it to one side ..

Chopped some iceberg lettuce , and finely chopped some onion ..

Then ,Layer the bad boy up ! ..

Iceberg, onion , mince , sliced cheese and gherkin and topped with some @fakeawayfoodco burger sauce !

So unbelievably good !

I may have waited a while before trying it .. but I’ll be having it again soon !!

I’ll be doing this a lot now #summer is here !!!!

Have you tried a “Burger Bowl” ???

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