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Anyone for a sweet grilled cheese

On plan & healthy !

It’s a sweet #grilledcheese kind of day !!...

-And I’m having a lunch at home with the Hubster ...


➡️Swipe if you want to see the yummmmmmm !!❤️😋

A sweet grilled cheese sandwich made with the protein bread I made ( recipe in my highlights on Instagram and on bread section here ) and filled with cream cheese ,white chocolate and strawberry jam !! ... Sugar free , lower carb and YUM ! ❤️


Frylight or butter for outsides .. (factor in what calories & carbs depending on what you use !)

2 x slices homemade protein bread (90 calories & 0.8g carbs ) (*recipe in my highlights)

10g @philadelphia_uki cream cheese ( 22 calories & 2.3g carbs )

10g @skinnyfoodco white chocolate and Rasberry spread( 50 calories & 5.4g carbs)

2-3 drops of @exantediet flavour drops ( for cream cheese and the yogurt topping )

20g @skinnyfoodco strawberry jam ( 14 calories & 4.9g Carbs ) plus extra (optional) for serving

10g @arladairyuk skyr yogurt ( 6.3 calories & 0.4g Carbs )

Squirt @skinnyfoodco strawberry jelly for topping

Butter both slices of protein bread and turn them over.

In a bowl, combine the @philadelphia_uki cream cheese, with a couple drops of @exantediet strawberry flavour drops, vanilla, then spread the mixture over one slice of “bread”

Spread over 10g of @skinnyfoodco white chocolate and @skinnyfoodco 10g strawberry jam and place the other slice of “bread” on top, butter side up.

Heat a frying pan over a low heat, add the sandwich and cook for 3–4 minutes each side until golden and crisp. I served with a dollop of @arladairyuk skyr yogurt and a squirt of @skinnyfoodco strawberry jelly


182 calories & 13.8g carbs



Sooooo tasty !!! ...

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