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Skinny fruit ‘n’ nut Brownies

I’ve done a few Different brownies lately so I thought I’d share ..

Fruit ‘n’ nut Brownie slices…..

@skinnyfoodco Brownie slices stuffed with mixed nuts and cherries

Perfect for a quick bake up !…

( especially as I’ve only got a square meter of room and an oven at the moment now as I’m having my kitchen makeover! 😂🤎)

Is it sad that I’m getting so excited to be able to bake for the first time in my new kitchen soon !?!?!?)- well it’s a couple of weeks away yet as we are doing the kitchen ourselves!!.. Eeeeek !… but I’m getting way to excited !!


So … for my #movienight later …

I just made up the @skinnyfoodco brownie mix as instructed and added the extra yum !!

1 Packet of @skinnyfoodco brownie mix

1 Large Egg

110ml Water

20ml Oil

50g mixed fruit of choice ( I used @hollandandbarrett with some cherries )

50g mixed nuts

-Preheat the oven to 160 degrees fan, 180 degrees non-fan Then, add greaseproof paper to a brownie dish ( I cooked mine in a greased cake pan, this time though !)

-Add our Low Sugar Brownie Mix, the egg, water and oil to a mixing bowl. Mix well so that you’re left with a gooey mixture.

Add chosen fruit & nut …. And mix well ..

- pop in prepared baking tin

-Bake in the oven for 10 minutes and wait for the yumm !!…

Let cool completely before munching ( if you leave in fridge for a wee bit as well they go extra gooey … !)

I cut into 10 large slices , so each one was roughly 130 calories & 14.9g carbs each !

Very yum !

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