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Yogurt lollies

I like to make these with any yogurt I have left in my fridge to use up , so it doesn’t go to waste!

I don’t know if I’m believing in the weather forecast too much ..

BUT ..

….I made these , just in cases!!… 😜😜😜

I had some low fat plain yogurt to use up .. so I’ve made some yogurt pops ..

..waste not want not I say !…

I made @skinnyfoodco jam ones and added some @skinnyfoodco chocolate spread and peanut butter to the others ..( I sweetened the plain yogurt layers with the flavour drops )

So in the flavoured layers you can just add what flavours you choose !..

And layer up as you wish !…

Tasty , non wasteful & very low in carbs & calories!..

Happy Sunday!..

..Right .. where is this sunshine !?!?….

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