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An Exante cookie packhack !!!

I wanted to share this ... you could make with any protein shake or powder , but I used @exante ones !!

@exantediet shake pack cookies done in my Airfryer!!..


So I had a little play today ...

with my @exantediet shakes ...

.First in the Microwave , to try a different mug recipe out ( you know I love a mug recipe!!) - I’ll be sharing all of them soon !!..

....And then tried in my @ninjakitchenuk health grill / fryer !


BUT , Ill show this first !!..



And I loved these ones In my @ninjakitchen grill ,I baked them in about 6 mins !!! .... ( they work in normal oven just slightly longer cooking time !) And microwaveable too ( but more dessert / pudding like in there !)


So I did a recipe and made 2 flavours of BIG cookies...

A traditional chocolate chip cookie and a Berry yogurt one ...


I mixed the packets the same ...

And cooked them in the oven , in the @ninjakitchenuk health grill and tried in the microwave..)

But these are @ninjakitchen ones as they were so GOOD !

1 x @exantediet shake packet ( your choice )

1/4 tsp xanthan gum ( for texture)

1/2 tsp baking powder

Splash of water ( I used sparkling)- just enough to get mixture crumb like

1 Tsp Greek yogurt

Mix into cookie dough and mould into desired shape ( add bits if you want them ..I added no sugar chocolate drops on my vanilla one ..)

Preheat @ninjakitchenuk or oven to 180 and cook cookie until browned & crunchy .. ( mine was about 6 mins !! )


Let cool ( if you can bear to wait that long !! 😂😂..!)

Munch !!

And as All that’s added extra is Greek yogurt, sparkling water , baking powder, xanthan gum (and 6 choc drops if you decide!) it’s a win !

I’ll pop it with my other recipes in my highlights in grid under Packhacks and Airfryer( there are lots of other recipes in my highlights too !)

Hope you like !? Xx


here is the link to my reels on Instagram to see !! ( it would be great if you did and gave me a follow maybe?.. I have more in my reels too !!


And I’m doing a live on Instagram soon too !! Xx

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