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A little nibble

I have these in freezer to nibble when I want !

Healthy nibbles …

I like to have something like this in the freezer for when I need a little something to nibble on .. I use either @exantediet burst sachets or sugar free jelly ( depending on my mood )

And as I got a #wonkybox from @lidlgb the other day and it had some fruit that I had to use up … perfect time to make it …

So… here’s what I did …

I Washed and cut the fruit up , and gently patted dry ( but leave some moisture on ) then put the sachets of @exantediet burst sachet in a bowl so you can dip both sides of fruit in , before laying flat on a tray in freezer ( lay it flat in single layer so it doesn’t stick together)

I used some strawberry and lime and a couple of others .

Then once frozen solid .. you can put in an airtight container and keep in freezer for when your wanting a couple .

Some of the burst ones can get a bit messy , but the more you coat the better it is !

I’ll be having some tonight whilst having my me time watching a movie !

Have a great day , and here’s to a fantastic weekend!

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