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New year new goals

Who's with me ?

Hello ! 

Well tomorrow is a complete new reset day ! 

It’s the start of a New WEEK in a NEW MONTH in a NEW YEAR !!! 

You couldn’t get a more perfect reset !! 

I had a bit of a horrible year last year ( that's why I've not been on so much ...) and I need to hit the reset button ..

So I said I’d share my challenge that I’ll be starting and as always feel free to join in !

It doesn’t matter what plan you are on , ( I’ll be calorie counting & using some @slimmingworld friendly recipes, some low carb & low sugar recipes and also some protein powder  recipes sometimes too , so I’ll be doing a mixture!!) 

Ot doesn’t matter what your goals are , you can cater it to suit you … 

I’ll be trying to get my good habits back in the new year , shifting a couple stone of gain o had towards the end of last year and also focusing on health & fitness of my mind aswell as my body !!! 

So whatever your goals are , is individual to yourself… but I’ll be your biggest cheerleader if you will be mine !!! 

I’ve made some charts for a 75 day challenge which includes food , exercise and wellness too !!! 

I’m going to start a 75 day challenge, and then see where I go from there! 

You can screen grab the charts I made if you wish ( in my highlights at top of my page ) 


I’ll be sharing

my journey, recipes and any tips I have and doing some lives too !

So.. who’s in ? 

Who’s with me ? 

What are your goals ? 



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