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Weighday Wednesday day 322!!

Hello !!!

Well it’s my weighday again!!!!

DAY 322 .... And I’m on that darn plateau seat again !! ... But all is good ...

I’ve not lost... but I haven’t gained ! So I am happy with that , as it could of been worse !! ....YAY !!!!

The road is long , with its ups & downs, but we are all in it together!! Xx

So my start weight was 22st 6.5lb

And I’m now 13st 13lb

But I’m happy dancing whilst Dolling myself up to have a Date night in , in with my hubby !!!

But the only Dress I could find was this one , as I’m running low on clothes !! it will have to do !!! ( a bit young for me and I’ve tied it a wee bit af the back as it was loose !! 😂😂 ... but if I give him a glass of wine , he may not notice ! Lol 😂😂🤣.... I’ll have to get some new stuff when I can ! Xx

Sorry for me giggling all thru photos, but I couldn’t stop laughing as we were messing about !!! X acting like fools ! But it was fun !! Xxx 😘

Hope you have enjoyed a few of the Exantediet IGTV clips that have been on Instagram !.. 3pm everyday this week ! X

Here is the Instagram link if you want to see ! Xxx

I just thought they may help in someway , as I’m constantly helped and inspired by people on here!!..... it’s just trying to remember all I’ve learnt from you all & to condense it down to the time slot !!

Fingers crossed for my weighday next week !!! X

Stay strong

Stick with it !!

We can do this ! 💪💕 xxx

Dont forget to be kind to yourselves!

I will update some excersise bits and recipes on here this week !!!

take care !! X

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