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My Wednesday weighin this week ! ..

It can get frustrating, but we can do it ! 💪💪

..The same pose this morning, at 3 different stages of my journey.. and it slowly reveals the bench that was behind me all along ! 💪😊❤️..

I know it’s not a glamorous pose and that I’m free of makeup.. and I haven’t had my coffee yet ! 😜..


But I love it ! .. ❤️


It’s reminding me of how far I’ve come & to keep going !.. target is in sight ! .. A plateau will come and go ( I’ve had a few now !).. ... KEEP GOING !! 💪💪


Remind yourselves how amazing you are and what your doing is worth it .. EVERY DAY !!


-141 lbs down & counting !...




I’ll be getting all my site re organised and ready to start a new mindset soon !...


Sooo much to update and now I’ve decided to do it for myself as I’ve missed it I’m very excited!...

Talk soon !


Stay strong & stay safe xxx


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