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Week 37 weighday!! (Still doing the weightloss dance!)

Weighday Wednesday for me !!

12 day’s before my 44th Birthday...

My 37th week on plan

And a 2.5lb loss this week .. Bringing me to 14st 11lb ... Soooo close to 8st off total !!..... I’m almost tasting it lol ... it’s toying with me !!! 🤪!!!! Xx

It can be a rollercoaster of a journey!.. But i I wouldn’t change it !.. it makes us realise what we are capable of ! Xx

I knew it would start to get tougher the closer I get to target , so I’m happy with anything I get at the moment .I seem to be fighting That little bit harder, I think my body is finally wondering what’s going on ! ( lol ) but I will win !!! Xxx

Im really wanting to get to the 8 st off mark by my Birthday, so I’m crossing absolutely everything!!!!

But if ive been looking at all my charts and on average it’s roughly 3lb a week , sometimes bigger , sometimes smaller , but it all adds up and gets you were you want to be !!!

So never loose hope !! we are all doing fantastic and never forget it ! Xx

Stay strong 💪

We got this xx



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