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Day 244 Wednesday weigh (they come round so quickly!)

I forgot to pop this post up the other day !!!!

My weighday was on Wednesday .. DAY 244 on plan !

And I was very excited to have dropped into the 14st bracket........only just ... at 14st 13.5lb , but I’ll take it !!!

So from 22st 6.5lb to 14st 13.5lb in roughly 8 months

A loss of 7st 7lb so far !!

Its mind boggling really !

This week I had a 1.5lb loss .

Sometimes the losses are Big , as I’ve said before,sometimes they can be slower... and sometimes they don’t move at all ... but it all gets you towards we’re you want to be !

I would love it if I could lose another 7lb before my birthday!...( it’s about 3 ish weeks away!.. and I’ll be 44!!!) ....So fingers crossed!

Have a fantastic day

I always tell myself that I’m to remember that every week can be different, and don’t ever get disappointed or disheartend , you are doing something amazing for yourself and sometimes it can take its time !

So just remember how awesome you are and enjoy the journey, as it’s taking you somewhere pretty darn amazing!!!

I’ll have to get my measurements up on my blog soon too , to see what’s changed there !!!

much love



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