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Measurements time !

(Let’s see what I’ve lost)

Well, I always say to people that if the scales don’t move , don’t forget to check your measurements...

So I thought I’d better listen to my own Advice !

So I went and got my tape measure out and had a look .

It shocks me to say that I have lost the equivalent of 6 feet 6 inches all over !... that’s mind boggling isn’t it ! In total 78 inches ..... ( I measure my Neck, under Boobs, waist, hips, left Arm, left thigh and left calf ) I should of done right side too but for some reason I only did left at the beginning!?....

Anyway ... that’s amazing to me ... as my Brain hasn’t really caught up to my new changing body yet .... I know I’ve lost , I feel more alive , hea & happier everyday,but my eyes get used to the new me daily so I don’t think I register the huge difference All the time , so I got my old coats out to show me!....

And that’s when I knew ....

Coats that were only just fitting around me last year... were swinging around on me and allowing a cold wind to blow up me front !(...Brrrrrrr coat shopping soon me thinks ! )

Anyway , I really cannot stress enough .. check your progress in other ways too , as the scales aren't Always your best friend every week.

So if you have a week, we’re you stay the same on the scales check, check & check again ... You will get a NSV( non scale victory, I bet ) And they are equally satisfying!

Have a great day



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