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How it’s going ….

Hey there !

Well , I’m trying to get back into a routine and I’m starting to catch up on here and answering any messages and that that I’ve had around work ..( I’ll get there , I promise!!)

And I’m also gearing myself up and getting ready for this challenge !

After the couple of months I had at end of last year , I’m looking forward to it!…

What a year it was !!

I had Ups & downs and detours , emotions to deal with and life threw me a couple of curveballs, but I’m still fighting , we have to keep going right !?… I gained a little bit of weight , lost it and then went on a BIG holiday and gained more than just a tan 🤪… ooops ….but that’s life right !?..

But I’m still no where near to where I was before , and I’m proud of that !

And …..

I still wore my bikini!!!! 😬


So , even though I may not have been exactly were I wanted to be in my journey.. the fact I had the confidence to wear a bikini was a life changing dream !

I was smiling from ear to ear


But now I’m ready to get back to me and back to a routine 😬!

Who’s the same !?!?….

So, I’m back on it 100% and raring to go !

And if your joining me in the Exante 6 week challenge, good luck , we will hopefully do great things and get some of our goals that we want 🙌🙌🙌

…. and just to let you know , my discount code

KATESLOSINGIT will give you an extra 15% off until Friday !

( then it goes back down to 10% as normal)

Here’s to a great year to us all !!!

Ill be posting my journey , recipes and all my ups and downs on my fb and instagram page , as I used to , if you ever want to see !

I’m glad to be back ! ❤️

Who else is looking forward to a good year ????


The rest will follow ❤️

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