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Right … the line is drawn !

Getting back in the zone !..

Determined to get my Mojo back !…

Right !….

Last minute Stock checking & getting ready to depart !

( this is my cupboard that I’ve got all my bits & bobs I’ve used , I better check dates too !! Lol 😂 )

I don’t know about you , but Last year was not one of my best !…

After losing weight & maintaining for over a year .. I stepped off the health train completely to deal with a few physical & emotional set backs and had a bit of a grieving period ..

You could say I temporarily stepped out of my day to day life emotionally actually, as I wasn’t feeling myself, and had a bit of a breather !..

And … not surprisingly , I gained !….

Just under 3 st in total 😕! ..

I’m still better than I was before I started my journey , as I had lost nearly 11 by then , but it happened and now I have to deal with it …

I’m determined to get back to we’re I was before and then continue my journey..

Not just in weightloss but in mind & body too …

I’ll be going back to basics at the beginning, to get my head back in the game ..

So I’ll be relying on all the things I’ve learnt along my journey to help ! ..

And picking other peoples brains too ! 😘

So , that’s me , that’s were I am on my on going journey to reach my goal .. after a hell of a year , I had a few detours, went off road, but I’ve found my way back ! ..

I’ve dusted myself off and I’ve just stepped back on the train , checked my luggage & brought my one way ticket, and I’m ready to depart !!

I know I’m not the only one that has had a hard time , but we can do it !!..

.. we can turn it around and take care of ourselves physically, mentally and dietary!..

So … Who’s with me !?!?..


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