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A little update

Digging deep to keep going..


I haven’t done a full side by side picture for a while ,

( this one is not great as I cut my head of in the second one !🤣.. but you get the idea !, I’m sure I’ll start doing more again , the more comfortable I feel !)

To be honest .. I just haven’t felt like doing one as with everything that happened last year & me gaining a little bit back knocked my confidence , I felt unhappy about it & just not in the right frame of mind to take pictures .

It’s strange how your mind can work 🤪

And how your mood controls what you do & feel comfortable with ,

But I have to remember how far I’ve come ,I’m better than I was before I started this journey & yes , I’ve got to dig deep a bit again , but that’s ok , I’ll get there …

As January comes to an end , & I’m getting back into my routine ( more or less , I have had a couple of off plan days .. but I’m getting there , I’m mainly ok !🤪)

I’m finally feeling more myself..

my halo still slips occasionally, but I just draw a line & carry on one step at a time ..

I’m taking it slowly , loving myself no matter what , & not beating myself up , & I know , eventually I’ll get back to where I was !

So if your having struggles, you are not alone , we all do .. we have to just draw a line .. remember why we started ,& remember that sometimes a few steps forward , is followed by a couple steps back .. but as long as we don’t give up ,you will never fail .. your just on one of life’s detours , you will get there in the end!

We are worth effort, sometimes it just takes a bit of time !

Hope everyone is reminding themselves just how strong you can be !


It’s my birthday next month & I’m hoping to be all dolled up & full of sparkle again by then !

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