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Looking back , digging deep & focused forward

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

A little update post


A bit of a long one !!…

Sorry 😘!

But I thought I’d do a #facetofacefriday today with 2 pictures of me at my heaviest, & 2 today , I won’t say & 2 at my smallest I’m not at my smallest, that’s just under 3 stoneaway … (as my year of hell last year didn’t help with that !..)

….but I’m definitely not at my heaviest!..

Which is something to celebrate!

I kept my head down last year ,almost like tunnel vision & kept saying to myself that it’s ok , that it’s not much I’m gaining , it won’t take long to get back off

I was lying to myself to get me through what I was going through , it was taking all of ME up ,if that makes sense ?

It was if there was nothing left for myself !

I was lying to myself , to keep my mind afloat & not have a complete breakdown.

But now I’m back , 😊

I’ve acknowledged it & my brain has accepted it & I’m finding my happy again..

Don’t get me wrong , I’m angry with myself sometimes, I won’t lie ,I’m angry that I’ve got to dig deep & get myself back to what I want to be at , that I’ve got to do some of the hard work again , that I’ve got to really dig deep for a couple of months to claw nearly 3 stone back off ..AGAIN !!

But I think we can all beat ourselves up , we can all be our own worst enemy!

We can Be too hard on ourselves

Life’s many curveballs, can get us all in one way or another,it will cause havoc to best laid plans when your not looking.

But I think it’s definitely how you come out the other side

And The best bit about it , is that it can make you come out fighting that little bit harder , to appreciate things that little bit more , to not take things for granted

So , who’s with me ?… I think we should just put our best smile on our faces & with a glint in our eyes and a fire in our bellies , Dig deep & prove to ourselves how Amazing we are ! just trying, by just turning up , I think we definitely are !

#positivethinking #bekindtoyourself #progressnotperfection #caloriedeficit

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