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Have you ever Woke up with a wobble ....

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

( I have !.... Be ready for those days !)

Some days are just like that , it’s life ... whether you are on a diet or not .... Somedays you have to dig deeper than normal.

But the trick is , to never give up ! .... keep trying , keep striving for what you want out of that day ... take one day at a time .

When I first started Exante , I had read all the advice from people saying that it’s the first few days that can be hard , then it gets easier, and that is definitely true, once your body is used to all the new textures and flavours, used to not having lots of sugar or junk food , it gets easier... . BUT ..... you may have the odd day out of the blue , that will hit you like a steam train , and for some mysterious reason , all day is a struggle...

Ive been on it 8 months , and I had one yesterday! .... just like that ...

I woke up with a wobble on ! ( I’ve had a few over that time , Not an awful lot , but I’m used to them )

It’s life , I suppose , we are only human , sometimes it’s just one of those days, that’s the days that you have to have a plan B for I think ! I do now anyway...

I always make sure that I have my cooked chicken in the fridge or an odd babybel light , or I have an Exante bar chopped up into little pieces , so if I’m running full steam ahead towards the fridge or the cupboard,to face plant in the nearest item of naughty-ness , I have something that I can have , that is not going to derail me completely... a back up plan ... my damage limitation survival kit ! Lol .... ( almost the same as my emergency stash that I have in my handbag , so I’m never caught out if I’m delayed)

Then it’s time to take a deep breath ... refocus and carry on , Don’t beat yourself up , or it could hinder you even more !....

Have a plan , a strategy that if you really need to use it ...then do .... But hopefully you won’t .

Yesterday , I was doing great , then I got home and for some unknown reason to me ... i had the biggest urge I’ve ever had !! So I popped the kettle on , made a coffee , added a bit of no sugar syrup ( my go to , to take the edge off ) sat down and took 5 minutes to myself... and remembered why I’m on my journey..... Then I rearranged my meal pack timings , then made sure I had my early bath and an early night ...

Today I’m back up feeling refreshed and focused .

And as I didn’t use any of my chicken or babybel lights yesterday ... I can use some as my 200kcal topping for my Exante pizza tonight!! WINNING!!!

But If life does throw you a curve ball , and you do have a wobble , and you do fall off the wagon don’t feel too bad , just get back on it as soon as you can , draw a line under it , and keep trying !!!



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