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Who’s up for a challenge ?

Challenge Accepted!….

Over on my Instagram page & Facebook.. we have started a little challenge .. we got talking about it on the lives I’m doing every Friday !.. feel free to come and join in !!

I’m not normally a shakes only person …

But …

….we got talking about this on last nights live …

And it was , yes .. I’m in !!! .. ….challenge accepted for a week !!

So, Who’s up for a week of shakes only ??..

To reset ourselves..

A mini challenge to give us motivation??!!…

See how far we can get with shakes only , see what we can do & achieve .. we can talk about how our week is going on next Fridays live !?!?..

So one week of shakes only starting from Monday 7th February ….

Who’s in ???

( and don’t forget to use the tag below for it if you post !!)


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