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Gin & tonic Burst Candy grapes

These are goooddd !!

I’ll show the jelly version later too !

Gin & tonic grapes anyone ???..

The video for this is on my Instagram.. for some reason I still can’t post videos on here !?!?..

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent today .. but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather 🤧 …

And all I felt like was fruit ..

And I really wanted some freezing cold grapes ..

like .. really really needed them !..

( do you ever get those moments , where you NEED something? X )

But I wanted a Zing aswell for my taste buds…. ( if you know what I mean … )

Well in the end I had these !!…

@exantediet gin & tonic frozen grapes ….

This was so sweet and refreshing and it only requires two ingredients.

It’s that simple! Pick out your favorite flavor of @exantediet burst drinks , along with a bag of grapes.


You can use red grapes or another variety if you prefer.

Start by washing your grapes and put them on a plate , there’s no need to dry all the water off because the liquid is what helps the powder stick to the grapes.

Pop the grapes onto a flat surface and Sprinkle the @exantediet burst powder onto the grapes

Once your grapes are fully covered with the mix, put them in the freezer , in a single layer so they don’t freeze together, and grab them when you want one !

These were so Blimmin good !!!

Hoping I’ll be back to feeling myself soon x

And I hope everyone is ok ?

I’m still trying to stick to #letsseeifwecanshakeit#letsseeifwecanshakeit🐣 Easter countdown xx

Hopefully this will be a good week !


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